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Natural and Safe!

I have been using this for my face. It's been great! It melts in well with my skin. Most importantly, I feel safe using this product as it contains no chemicals that can potentially harm my health.

Nice Light Coverage!

Goes on very smoothly, nice light fragrance

Immediate Good Mood!

I love this face oil! It smells incredible and the act of putting it on makes me feel pretty.

Dry Shampoo
High quality local healthcare!

I swear by this dry shampoo! I don’t like harsh chemicals or additives in any of my healthcare products, I find that this is both great for my health and I also love the way it adds volume to my hair and how it feels on my scalp. It doesn’t significantly change the colour of the root as it blends nicely when you use a makeup brush for application.

Repeat buy

I’ve been using this toothpaste for a couple of years now and am very happy with how clean my teeth look and feel. My dentist is pleased as well! It’s quite different than traditional white toothpaste, but now that I’m used to it I won’t go back.

Loved it

First time buyer. Both my daughter and I love the eye cream. She says it doesn't pill under foundation or moisturizer. I love it's creamy feel and quick absorption. Would Def buy again.

Great moisturizer

I use this oil day and night and love how light it is, it leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated

amazing exfoliation!

I love this scrub when I use it with the cleansing oil, it leaves my skin soft and pores clear

Happy Baby Balm
Dear Bhokanandh
Like magic

I’ve been using this since my baby was born to help prevent diaper rash and it has been working like magic. My little one is now 10 weeks and has yet to have any skin irritations or rashes!

I’ve also now used the balm on his face cheeks when i noticed some dryness and possible signs of eczema coming on, and it helped to clear and soften his skin up immediately.

Love the creamy yet non-greasy texture of this product. I have three tins at any one time, one for upstairs, one for downstairs, and one for on the go. A must have!

Great product

I was gifted a jar of this last year and loved it so much that when it ran out, I bought one for myself and one for a friend. The smell is amazing and it's got a lovely smooth texture that starts off oily but then soaks into the skin well. I would recommend it for dry skin, and great for the winter months.

Dry Shampoo
Melissa Lee
A huge time saver for this busy mom!

Love this all natural dry shampoo! I feel good knowing what I’m putting onto my scalp are clean and natural ingredients. It helps me to save time as I don’t have to wash my hair as often. Also helps to prevent my hair from getting too dry from washing often. It has a fresh and light lavender scent and works very well! Highly recommend!!

All natural, moisturizing and clean!

My favourite moisturizer to put on my skin and my kids’ skin! I know the ingredients are clean and super healthy for our skin! It absorbs well and my skin is so soft after. Lavender and Man of the Woods are our family favourites! Highly recommend!

A must HAVE

Its one of those items you must have in your collection of needs for your feeeeeet!

Its soft . Its velvety. Its light on your feet and definitely not greasy !

Thanks for making such an amazing product !

Love this product!

A must have product if you have a little one. It’s our preferred baby butt cream! It goes on easy and helps manage existing skin/diaper related problems or prevents them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We love our Happy Baby Balm too. I developed this when I had my own kids and it worked wonders for their little tushies!

A little goes a long way!

I bought this product a few days ago and noticed a difference after just 2 uses! My under eyes tend to dry out with use of concealer often, but I think this is the solution to my problem! Applied around 4pm and then applied again before bed and my under eyes were so soft and almost wrinkle free by the morning. I look forward to taking off my makeup and getting ready for bed just so I can smell the natural scent and feel pampered by its spa-like qualities. A little goes a long way so this product will last you quite a while!

Thank you for the lovely review Tiawna! It was great to meet you at the New West Craft Market!

Love this!

Got these and they smell wonderful and are so calming. Highly recommend!

Zit Stick
Nancy Manning
Has really helped

I work at hospital and have been in a mask all year with a face full of maskne. This is has been great, gentle and soothing but kept all the bumps away.

I am loving this product!

I have battled with dry flaky skin for so long and this product takes care of it in one application without me having to worry about checking my skin throughout the day. I love how well it soaks in and leaves a nice smooth finish without any kind of oily look. This combined with the coffee under eye serum have evened out my skin tone and smoothed things out. Very happy with it.

I love this product, my skin feels and looks so smooth with a more even coloration.

I am loving how clean these products are, only the best for my skin now. The only thing I would change, and why not a 5 star rating, is the packaging. I find the little pump top gives way too much product for a small under eye application, I am slathering it much further than my eyes to use it up. Maybe an oil roller applicator would do the trick a little better, without wasting product on unintended areas. Otherwise extremely happy I bought this and will continue to.

Thanks for the positive review and the package suggestion, Tara! I will definitely consider that.

The Summer Mineral Facial Lotion goes on like whipped butter and absorbs nicely into the skin

I had been using the same drug store moisturizer with sunscreen for over ten years and was in search of a zero waste option (which was surprisingly difficult to find). The Summer Mineral Facial Lotion goes on like whipped butter and absorbs nicely into the skin for a light, luxurious, and hydrated feel. It does need to be blended in well otherwise I've noticed a slight powdery residue. Overall I couldn't be happier with this product!

This facial oil is fabulous.

I have sensitive skin with both oily and dry areas, and this facial oil is the first thing I've found that leaves my skin smooth without being oily or irritating. Thank you! I wish I had found this years ago!

Natural Deodorant - in Glass Jar
Juliana Vandergugten
I won this product in a raffle, and I have been using it for a month now.

I had very few expectations as I have tried several different "natural" deodorants and have been left disappointed. Like any deodorant I have ever used I still sweat, but it holds up well enough even for me. Other natural deodorants were useless, not preventing much BO. I sweat out any onion I ingest. It lasts nicely for a regular 8 hour day of teaching and meetings. If it works for me, it likely works for anyone. It holds up after a decent workout too. Since I have to reapply after 8 hours I give it 4 stars but I think I will buy it again.

I have been searching for a facial exfoliant for quite some time...

I have been searching for a facial exfoliant for quite some time... the winter months are hard on my skin and I heard that in addition to a moisturizing routine, exfoliation is key!

I love Iona's product. I use her exfoliating grains 1-2 times a week mixed with a my facial cleansing oil. My dryness has reduced significantly and my new exfoliation routine has greatly increased the effectiveness of my facial oil! My favourite part about this product is the simplicity of the ingredients.

I absolutely love this product!

I used it over the winter and my face felt like a baby's bottom! I continue to use it day and night and love the results that I 'm seeing. My face feels soft, supple and has a beautiful glow to it!

I absolutely love this deodorant!

It's very effective, even more so than the commercial deodorants I've used. I bought the Sweet Orange one and the smell is not at all too strong. Looking forward to trying other products.



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