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      Other Tips & Resources

      back to school sign

      Green Your Back-to-School Shopping

      School is starting again soon, and that means if you have school-aged children you probably need to do some back-to-school shopping. If you’ve been meaning to start taking action and introducing some new green and healthy practices to your family, this is the perfect opportunity. So before you head out, be sure you read this […]

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      family beach vacation

      5 Tips for a Green Spring Break

      We’re finally in March, which means spring is coming! And for families with school-age children, that means Spring Break! Woohoo! With a week or two time off from school, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a family vacation. But going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to put your greenproofing efforts on hold. It can […]


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      plastic cups with straws

      Healthy Resolutions Project: Going Plastic-Free

      So, for this Healthy Resolutions Project post, I am recommending to go plastic-free as much as possible. This is especially important when it comes to items that come into contact with food and with products that will be absorbed into your skin. Here are some common household items where plastic-free options are easily available.

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      computer and cell phone

      Top 8 Tips – How to Reduce Exposure to Low Frequency EMF

      The use of electricity has become an integral part of everyday life, particularly now that cell phones has become ever more powerful and ubiquitous. For many of us, these devices are kept by our side all the time and they have revolutionized how we communicate. With all of their benefits, however, they also have drawbacks […]


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