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      Iona Bonamis - A Healthy Beginning

      Hello! I’m Iona and a proud Chinese Canadian Eco-Maternity Consultant / Greenproofer. I'm also a mom to two amazing young boys. 

      My mission is to help people make smart, informed choices about what they put into and on their bodies and in their home / workplace environments. 


      I make a line of handmade natural home and body care products. I also offer greenproofing services to help create cleaner, greener homes and workplaces. You'll also often find me doing DIY and eco-living workshops and presentations

      How I Got Started:  

      Iona Bonamis and son

      When I became a mom a few years ago, I wanted to do my best to create a healthy environment for my son.

      After working in the environmental and sustainability fields for more than 15 years, I knew conventional products contain many more harmful chemicals than we are led on to believe. 

      When I dove deeper into the ocean of information, I was bombarded by conflicting evidence. I knew there must be other parents interested in natural living, but are also overwhelmed. 

      With my training in eco-maternity consulting / greenproofing, and in aromatherapy, I am now proud to help individuals and families achieve their health goals. 


      DIY Workshop - A Healthy Beginning

      I have helped people find answers to all sorts of questions - from how to clean the air inside their homes, to how to choose safe skincare and cleaning products.

      Visit my Testimonials page to read how I have helped others like you!