FREE DELIVERY within 10 km of our Vancouver store location for orders $40 or more. FREE SHIPPING Canada and US wide for orders $75 or more.
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      Refill and Container Return It Program


      Here at A Healthy Beginning, we try to do our best to reduce waste in our business practices, as well as help our customers reduce their waste. That’s why we offer refills and a container refund program for our local customers!  NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are only offering container refunds at this time.


      Container Return-It Program:

      Bring back one of our containers to sanitize and reuse, and get $1 refund per container!  Note: Containers must be in good condition and without any damage.

      To get your refund, send us an email or leave a message in the order notes when you place your next order.


      Refill Program (On Hold due to COVID-19 pandemic):

      Bring your own clean containers (or our empty clean containers) to fill and get $1 off your purchase for each container you bring! 

      To place an order under the refill program, send us an email and let us know the volume of the products you would like to order.