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  • christmas wreath

    Top 5 Green Holiday Decorations

    There are some studies that have shown that many holiday store-bought decorations contain at least one hazardous chemical at levels of concern. These include beaded garlands and string lights. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch all of your holiday decorations, you may want to think about these 5 alternative green options.

  • christmas tree

    Celebrating the Holidays Differently – Iona’s Guide to A Green Winter Holiday in Metro Vancouver

    What's the greener choice for Christmas trees - an artificial tree or a real one? Well break it down for you and help you make the right choice.

  • experience gifts canada

    Best Holiday Experience Gifts

    Being generous with your time is often more meaningful and memorable than giving more ‘stuff’. In this week’s blog post, we have a list of “experience” gift ideas for your family and friends. In our fourth post from our Guide to a Green Holiday in Metro Vancouver series, we have a variety of “experience” gifts options […]

  • back to school supplies

    Green Your Back-to-School Shopping

    School is starting again soon, and that means if you have school-aged children you probably need to do some back-to-school shopping. If you’ve been meaning to start taking action and introducing some new green and healthy practices to your family, this is the perfect opportunity. So before you head out, be sure you read this […]

  • green toys jenga

    Not Your Typical Stuff for Kids – Green Kids Gifts 

    Often the plastic toys that come from giant chain stores are not only less healthy for kids, but also have the most packaging. A lot of that packaging is difficult to reuse or recycle. So for our fourth post for our Guide to a Green Holiday in Metro Vancouver series, we have a variety of green kids gift ideas for you!