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      Online Workshops & Seminars

       To help protect everyone's health, we have postponed our regular in-person workshops until further notice. Don't worry though. We've recently launched our online workshops and seminars! Best of all you can watch these at any time, and from anywhere!



      A Guide to Green Parenting

      A Guide to Green Parenting..

      WHEN: Saturday, February 20, 2021 from 10:30-11:30 am
      WHERE: Zoom Meeting * (invite will be sent 30 mins before)
      HOST: The Powerhouse Chiropractic Inc.
      COST: This is a FREE event
      TICKETS: Get your FREE ticket here

      * Kids and Dads are ALWAYS welcome!*

      Parents will learn what they can do at home to create a safer, healthier environment for their growing baby, as well as help the earth.

      We'll cover the common sources of toxins in our homes and in baby products, how to avoid them, and how to choose cleaner, greener options.



      DIY Immunity Boosting Remedies & Sanitizer Products



      In our newest online workshop, learn how to make five products that will help boost you and your family's immunity and fight off common colds and flu, and keep you healthy and safe:

      • An immunity-boosting essential oil blend
      • Elderberry syrup
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Child-friendly vapour rub
      • An all-purpose cleaner

      Click here to access this virtual workshop for just $15.




      Detox Your Home During Challenging Times


      detox your home

      In this pre-recorded seminar, learn how to 'greenproof' and detox your home. 

      By the end of the seminar, you will know:

      • What are common toxins in your home (e.g. mold, off-gassing from furniture, fragrances from products, etc.) and how to reduce them
      • How to read product labels (e.g. body care products, cleaning products, food products) and avoid greenwashing, and where to find safer, effective, and affordable alternatives
      • Why children are more vulnerable to toxins and how to set up your home to better protect your children
      • And more!

      Click here to access this seminar for just $15.


      DIY Household Cleaners Online Workshop

      This pre-recorded online workshop teaches you how to make four natural household cleaners that can be made AND used by kids and that work very well - a hand sanitizer, laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, and dish soap. A recipe package will also be sent to your inbox after you register.

      You can sign up to watch the workshop for only $15. Just click here.