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Natural Home Remedies

home remedy for coughs - mullein tea

Home Remedy for Coughs - Healing Mullein Tea

Mullein is a herb that has many healing powers. Whenever one of our family members has a bad cough, I immediately make a big pot of mullein tea. It’s leaves and flowers contain saponins, which are natural detergents that encourage the body to remove excess mucous from the lungs. It also has mucilage, a gelatinous […]

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homemade elderberry syrup for colds

Homemade Elderberry Syrup for Colds & Flu

With the cold and flu season upon us, I like to turn to elderberry syrup – my favourite arsenal to help prevent and treat colds and flu in my family. Elderberries naturally contain vitamin A, B, and C, and complex sugars that stimulate the immune system. Studies have found that elderberry weakens a virus’ ability […]

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how to find quality essential oils

How to Buy Good Quality Essential Oils

There is a lot of interest in using essential oils these days. And for good reason. They offer many therapeutic benefits and be used to treat a huge host of physical, emotional, and mental health conditions. But how do you know if the essential oil you’re buying is good quality? Check out the video below […]

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home remedy for coughs child-friendly vapour rub

Home Remedy for Coughs - How to Make Child-Friendly Vapour Rub

If you get hit with a cold, you might be tempted to use vapour rub to help you decongest and calm your coughs. Before you do though, consider that conventional vapour rub contains petroleum jelly (or petrolatum) and turpentine oil, both of which are toxic. Petroleum jelly can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or […]

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