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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Jessica Dexter
      Immediate Good Mood!

      I love this face oil! It smells incredible and the act of putting it on makes me feel pretty.

      Great moisturizer

      I use this oil day and night and love how light it is, it leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated

      Tara Reed
      I am loving this product!

      I have battled with dry flaky skin for so long and this product takes care of it in one application without me having to worry about checking my skin throughout the day. I love how well it soaks in and leaves a nice smooth finish without any kind of oily look. This combined with the coffee under eye serum have evened out my skin tone and smoothed things out. Very happy with it.

      This facial oil is fabulous.

      I have sensitive skin with both oily and dry areas, and this facial oil is the first thing I've found that leaves my skin smooth without being oily or irritating. Thank you! I wish I had found this years ago!

      Maria Kritikos
      I absolutely love this product!

      I used it over the winter and my face felt like a baby's bottom! I continue to use it day and night and love the results that I 'm seeing. My face feels soft, supple and has a beautiful glow to it!