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How to Make Baby Shampoo

Babies don’t typically need shampoo. They have naturally protective oils in their skin that are better not washed off. If, however, you do need a shampoo, then try this recipe to make a very mild baby shampoo:

  1. Bring 1 1/2 cups of distilled water to a boil
  2. Add 1/4 cup of grated unscented castile soap flakes
  3. Stir until the soap flakes are dissolved
  4. When the mixture has cooled, use a funnel to pour it into a clean container with a pump dispenser

While I prefer the above recipe as the bar soap is slightly more moisturizing, if you’re running low on time, you can also try this super quick recipe:

  • Mix 1/4 cup unscented liquid castile soap with 1 cup water in a bottle with a pump dispenser. Shake to mix it.

And if you have a bit more time, you can make this modified recipe, which makes the soap more moisturizing by adding a couple more ingredients.

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