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The Healthy Resolutions Project: Healthy Skin

In our last Healthy Resolutions Project post on New Year’s Resolutions we shared examples of goals related to healthy eating that are more easily achievable. Instead of broad visionary statements, we shared examples of SMART goals that are:

SMART goals

While they might take more thought to come up with, they are way more effective.

This week we’re going to talk about what we put onto our bodies. Why is this important? Our skin is our largest organ and it quickly absorbs the products that we put onto it, especially on young children, whose reproductive, respiratory, immune, and other systems haven’t fully developed yet. Let’s get serious about our skin!

So, here are some examples of SMART goals related to healthy skin and body care products that you can try:

  • Goal to have a better understanding of the ingredients in your body care products: 
    • Over the next two weeks, I will look at the ingredients of the products in my bathroom and look them up on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) SkinDeep Database or use EWG’s Healthy Living App to see if there are health concerns related to them.
  • Goal to learn how to make handmade body care products:
    • By the end of this week, I will sign up for a workshop to learn how to make body care products.
  • Goal to try and make handmade body care products at home:
    • For the next two weeks, I will try one handmade body care product recipe each week.
  • Goal to purchase non-toxic, natural body care products: 
    • For the next month, before I purchase a body care product, I will look them up in EWG’s SkinDeep Database or Healthy Living App and ensure they have a safe rating.
      • Here’s a tip: The ingredients in our body care products all have a safe rating in EWG’s SkinDeep Database.

Do you have other SMART goals related to body care products? Share them with us!

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