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      Healthy Foods & Recipes

      smoothie with blueberries and pear

      Super Smoothie

      This smoothie contains all of the essential elements of a balanced super smoothie – high quality protein, greens, good fat, spices, natural sweetener, and a superfood. With the exception of the gelatin powder, it contains only whole foods so that your body can properly digest it and get the maximum benefits. You can also easily […]

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      herbal smoothie

      Herbal Smoothie

      This winter season, I have given a new twist to my smoothies. To help combat colds and flu, I have been adding immune-boosting herbs to my smoothies. Not only do these smoothies have cold and flu-fighting properties, they also keep us hydrated, which is also very important in preventing and fighting these illnesses. My recipe […]

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      homemade granola

      Homemade Granola

      My usual go-to cereal is my ultimate cereal mix. However, if I’m in the moody for something with a bit more crunch, then I have this homemade granola mix. It is made from a recipe adapted from Elizabeth Rider. Buying granola from a store can be expensive, especially if you want quality organic ingredients. This […]

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      chocolate coconut balls

      Sugar-Free Chocolate Coconut Balls

      These sugar-free chocolate coconut balls are perfect for the holiday season to help you satisfy your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings while avoiding refined sugar and gluten. They are loaded with chocolate, are naturally sweetened, and are free of gluten and dairy. They also only take 10 minutes to make. What’s more, they have great […]

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